Tuesday, January 10, 2012

2011 in a quick glance


                       Ringing in another year with my wonderful husband
                                          And Best Friend
                             Took the kids to 5 guys for the first time
                                               They LOVED it


                      Ty turned 5 and had a Transformer birthday at home
                    So many friends.... so many gifts..... so much excitment

Family Day bowling game

                             Candice and Kyle get married in Calgary
                                 Greg and Don Cherry at the heritage classic
                   Greg and jamie at the game wearing the hats I made them


                                     Tammy's shower for Domanic
                   Ty rollerblading at Morgan's school family skate night
                                               Look at her go
              St Patty's Day menu : green pancakes, green milk and cookies
                                                   so cute
                               Morgan ready for her first flames game


                         Welcome to the Christensen clan Domanic

                                     Famly +Cole day at the zoo
                              Easter in Banff with the Christensen clan
                                     SQUISH YUMMMMMMY
                           Right after our 3 out of 4th be quiet warning
                                Morgan at Banff springs easter brunch
Kipper had 2 cancer lumps taken out

May...... the start of CAMPING

                                   Morgan Birthday

                                       Welcome baby Kaira
                                          Godparents Kim and Pat

                                        Ty graduated from Preschool

                      Took the kids to the Calgary Stampead parade
                                   We saw Kate.... really we did
                                         Christy's Staget at Belaros


                                  Christy and Trevor get married

                    Ty, Cole, Mike and Greg go to Monday night raw


                                                   Grade 3
                       Trip to B.C to see Nana and Papa C at there trailer

Ty is a beaver


                                           welcome Cash to the family


                                  Allisons birthday scavanger hunt


                                   Christensen family Christmas party
                                 Morgan all ready for her winter ball

                              My birthday party at the wink and owl
                        I got a SLR camera from Greg and the kids
                               Ty at the school christmas concert
                                 Morgan was a dancing snowflake
                                         Christmas morning
                                    Greg and his dad after breakfast
                                            In Olds for Christmas

                                 Mom and dads tree, it was amazing
                                        NYE, mexican dinner
                                      My wonderful husband